German Generals and Heroes Cards

General of Fighter Students Propaganda Card

Price: $45.00

Wilrich Color Propaganda card featuring General of the Combat Aircraft School, un-named. Caption on reverse reads, "General der Flieger Student, Kommandeur eines Fliegerkorps." Willrich Logo, 1941.

General Guderian Color Propaganda Card

Price: $59.50

Wilrich Color Propaganda card featuring General Guderian, commander of German armor forces. Caption on reverse reads, "Generaloberst Guderian, Gchopfer und Fuhrer unserer siegreichen Panzerwaffe." Willrich Logo, 1940.

W. Willrich Color Paratrooper Propaganda Card

Price: $47.50

1940 Series on Military heroes. Paratrooper Feldwebel Urpte, who's unit secured a bridge for the advancing German forces. Card has airborne unit emblem, and picture of Urpte with a machinegun, paratrooper helmet and wearing his Iron Cross. Willrich emblem. Tiny corner crease. Mailed via feldpost!

WW II Combat Pilot Capt. Baumbach

Price: $45.00

1941 Willrich picture postard showing Capt. Baumbach in his pilot's uniform, wearing his iron cross. The reverse of the card reads, "Hauptman Baumbach, Erfolgreichster fernkampf flieger im Einsatz gegen Schiffsziele.":"Far the most successful combat pilot against ship targets." Excellent condition.

Von Zeppelin in Military Uniform

Price: $49.50

1938 Portrait PPC of Count von Zeppelin in full military uniform. Card issued for the 1938 Zeppelin exhibit and show in Konstanz Germany. Portrait is from a painting by von Emerich. Card reads, Zeppelinpost Ausstellung. Anlasslich des 100 geburtstages des Grafen Zeppelin vom 8 bis 12 Juli 1937 in seinem geburtsort. Konstanz a. Bodensee. Excellent quality card. Special cancel for exhibit and visit of the trial-flight visit of the new Graf Zeppelin II built to replace the Hindenburg. Various cancels issued for event. Cancel and stamp may vary.<br>