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US 1 VF 5 Cent Brown Franklin

Price: $495.00

VF/XF Beautiful red brown 1847 5-cent Franklin with a light circular red grid cancel. Nice margins. The five cent stamp paid the postage for a 1/2 oz. letter up to 300 miles.

US 246 1-cent Franklin

Price: $65.00

FVF NH. 1894 One-cent Franklin Ultramarine. First Bureau printing with triangles in upper corners. Top selvedge.<br>

US 295 Pan Am Expo, Two-cent Locomotive

Price: $34.00

VF NH. 1901 Pan American Exposition Two-cent Locomotive

US 314 1906 One-cent Franklin

Price: $27.50

VF NH 1906 One-cent Franklin Imperforate

US 573 1922 $5 Capitol Dome

Price: $165.00

VF NH 1922 $5 Carmine and Blue Capitol Dome Bust Freedom

US 704-15 1932 Washington Bicentennial

Price: $18.50

FVF NH 1932 One-half to 10 cents, Washington Bicentennial Complete Set

US 803-31, 1938 Presidential Set to 50 cents

Price: $23.70

VF NH 1938 Presidential set 1/2 to 50. 29 Stamps.

US 1053 $5 Alexander Hamilton

Price: $45.00

VF NH, 1956 $5 Alexander Hamilton

US 1686-9, 1976 Bicentennial Souvenir Sheets

Price: $13.50

&nbsp;VF NH 1976 Bicentennial Souvenir Sheets (4) Image has been reduced.

US 1953-02, 1982 Birds and Flowers Line Perforation

Price: $19.95

SALE! 1982 VF NH Birds and Flowers setenant sheet. Perf. 10.5 x 11.25, Line perforation. Note: this sheet was issued with dry, invisible gum.

US 2216-9, Ameripex President Souvenir Sheets

Price: $19.50

VF NH 1986 Ameripex Presidents Souvenir-sheet set

Bohemia & Moravia 49-53C

Price: $2.50

VF NH 1941 Cathedrals, Castles and Linden Leaves with buds open

GE 670-85 VF NH Posthorn Set

Price: $995.00

VF/XF NH. 1951-2 Posthorn Set complete. 16 stamps, 2pf to 90pf. Top-quality set, signed, "Schlegel" Scott catalog is $1750, but we made a great buy on a collection and are passing on the savings to our customers.

GE 280-99 Hyper-Inflation Values

Price: $9.95

VF NH Hyper-inflation set of 18 stamp values of 500,000 marks to 50 billion marks. Issued 1923. Perforated.

GE B69-78 Women's Regional Dress

Price: $25.00

VF LH 1935 set of 10 showing regional traditional dress. Wonderfully engraved and colorful. It is one of the early, long commemorative sets the 3rd Reich printed to show German Culture.

GE B82-89 Summer Olympics, 1936

Price: $69.50

Sale! VF NH. 1936 set of 8. Hitler's Germany hosted the 1936 Olympics, which were used for political and propaganda purposes. Fantastic new Sports Arenas and Stadiums were built for the games, as well as a number of other buildings. These stamps were printed for the Olympic games, and show German athletes at a number of events.

GE B292-3 SS & SA Troopers

Price: $29.50

SALE!!! VF NH 1945 Last Issues of the Third Reich. This set was issued while Berlin was cut off by the Russians and Being bombed by the allies. The stamps show an elite "Storm Trooper" (S.S.) and a party Storm Trooper (S.A.). They mark the 12th anniversary of the Nazis rise to power. Blocks of four available; order four sets.&nbsp; For corner-margin blocks with side &amp; top or bottom selvedge and counting marks order 5 sets.&nbsp;&nbsp; While they last.

GE S12-22 Official Nazi Party Stamp Set

Price: $27.50

SALE! VF NH 1942. Franchise stamp set Issued for use by National Socialist (NSDAP) party members to send official mail. The set has 11 stamps from 1pf to 40pf. Unwatermarked.

GR 523 Battle of Crete

Price: $9.95

VF NH--1950 Ninth anniversary of the WW II Battle of Crete

GR 691-707 Greek Monuments and Scenery

Price: $25.00

VF NH--1961 Tourist issue showing Greek monuments and scenery.

Liechtenstein 301-2

Price: $9.50

VF NH. 1956 issue marking the 150th anniversary of independence. Showing Liechtenstein Crest.

US C13-15 Graf Zeppelin Stamp Set

Price: $1,150.00

VF/XF LH. Set of three Graf Zeppelins with very fine margins. The stamps were issued for the visit of the Graf Zeppelin at the Chicago World's Fair.&nbsp; They paid for postcard and letter one-way and round trip aboard the Graf Zeppelin on its voyage to South America and back to Germany.

US 231 2-cent Landing of Columbus

Price: $9.50

FVF LH 1893 Two Cent Columbian,, Landing of Columbus.

GE B134-6 Berlin Auto Show, Volkswagen, Auto Exhibition

Price: $49.50

Sale! VF NH 1939 set Showing the first Mercedes (horseless carriage) a Volkswagen and a Porsche Racing Car on display at the Berlin auto show. The set has a surcharge. They used the money to finance Hitler's National Culture Fund.

3420-3436, 2000-2009 Distinguished American Set

Price: $19.50

VF NH, 2000-2009 Prominent Americans, Ten cents to 87 cents, 15 stamps.

"RW1, NH Mallards Duck Stamp"

Price: $695.00

"VF NH, 1934 $1 blue mallards, duck stamp"

US 1953-02Ac, 1982 Birds and Flowers Comb Perforation

Price: $22.50

1982 VF NH Birds and Flowers setenant sheet. Perforation 11.25 x11 variety, bullseye perforation. Note: this sheet was issued with dry, invisible gum.

US 295 Pan Am Expo, Two-cent Locomotive

Price: $50.00

VF NH. 1901 Pan American Exposition Two-cent Locomotive with top margin & printing inscriptions. PSE Certificate.

"RW1, NH Mallards Duck Stamp"

Price: $575.00

"FVF+ NH, 1934 $1 blue mallards, duck stamp" With a PSE certificate for block. Very fresh and great appearance!