Combat Art Propaganda Cards

W. Willrich Color Paratrooper Propaganda Card

Price: $47.50

1940 Series on Military heroes. Paratrooper Feldwebel Urpte, who's unit secured a bridge for the advancing German forces. Card has airborne unit emblem, and picture of Urpte with a machinegun, paratrooper helmet and wearing his Iron Cross. Willrich emblem. Tiny corner crease. Mailed via feldpost!

Coastal Artillery Propaganda Card

Price: $25.00

Color Propaganda card showing coastal artillery battery. Taken from 1935 painting.Caption on reverse. Excellent condition

Naval Gun Firing PPC

Price: $29.50

Artist signed picture post card showing a navy crew firing a deck gun. Small print on card reads, "Wehrmacht: Artilleriedienst am 15 CM Geschutz." Military Forces: Artillery crew fires a 15cm (gun).