Used Third Reich Stamps: 1933-1945

This category lists most Third Reich regular and semi-postal stamp issues. We also have airmails, officials, and special cancels.

GE 401-14u von Hindenburg Medallion

Price: $29.95

FVF 1932 2nd Hindenburg set of 14. Network watermark

GE 415-31u Hindenburg Medallion Issue

Price: $4.95

VF 1933 1-100pf President Hindenburg set of 17 with Swastika watermark

GE 432-5u Lost Colonies Memorial

Price: $19.95

VF 1934 issue to Remember the Lost Colonies, Germany's colonies stripped from her following WWI. Showing Famous Colonial Figures.

GE 436-41u Hindenburg Mourning Issue

Price: $7.50

VF 1934 issue upon Hindenburg's death in September 1934. Showing the German Hero, President Paul von Hindenburg in a medalion, the set has black borders, a sign of mourning at the time.

GE 442-3u 1934 Nazi Party Congress

Price: $1.00

VF In 1934 the Nazis began issuing stamps to mark their party rallies. This is the first of the group; showing the Nuremberg castle with a swastika rising in the background.

GE 444-5u Saar Plebiscite

Price: $1.00

VF Set of two issued for the voting of whether the Saar should return to German control. The Stamps show the Saar in German Hands, and the German Eagle rising over a Swastika.

GE 446-7u von Schiller

Price: $1.00

VF Set of two honoring the birth of Frederich von Schiller.

GE 448-51u Annexation of the Saar

Price: $7.95

FVF used. "Germania," Allegory of a mother holding a smiling child. Representing the return of the Saarland to Germany, 15 years after the Treaty of Versailles had granted it to France. 1935<br>

GE 452-3u War Heroes Day

Price: $2.95

VF Set of two honoring War heroes on Germany's Memorial Day 1935. It shows a soldier's head and the Nazi Infantry Helmet.

GE 454-5u Young Workers Competition

Price: $2.00

VF 1935 set of two for the first of the Young Workers Competition stamps, they show a wreath and Swastika.

GE 456-8u Music Festival

Price: $1.50

VF 1935 set highlights German Composers, Heinrich Schultz, Bach and Handel.

GE 459-62u German Railroads

Price: $3.60

VF 1935 set of four highlights German locomotive technology from the early 1800s. Showing "The Eagle," a modern express train, the "Hamburg Flyer," and a modern locomotive.

GE 465-6u 1935 Nazi Party Congress

Price: $0.95

VF 1935 set highlights the massive party congress in Nuremberg. It shows the Nuremberg city outline with the party symbol, a giant stylized eagle and swastika.

GE 467-8u Putsch Anniversary

Price: $1.75

VF The Munich "Putsch" saw Hitler take over the Nazi Party. It marks the Nov. 9, 1923 coup that saw Hitler eliminate his opposition in the Nazi party. This set shows an SA (Brown Shirt) soldier and the Nazi flag in front of the Feldherrnhalle in Munich. 1935

GE 469u Lufthansa Airline

Price: $1.95

VF 1936 40pf stamp marking the 10th anniversary of Lufthansa, the German National Airline. Showing the Henkel 70 "Lightning."

GE 470-1u Daimler & Benz, Auto Show

Price: $1.20

VF This 1936 set highlights Daimler and Benz, founders of the Mercedes Benz Auto company. Issued for the 50th anniversary of the automobile at the Berlin auto and motorcycle show.

GE 472u Otto von Guericke

Price: $0.35

VF 1936 stamp honoring German inventor Otto von Guericke

GE 473-6u Municipal Congress

Price: $1.60

VF 1936 set highlights German city government. Issued in conjunction with the city government congress. Showing an allegory of mother Germany and her children.

GE 477-8u World Recreation Congress

Price: $1.15

VF 1936 set highlights the recreation congress in Hamburg. It shows a stylized man and woman releasing a dove.

GE 486-9u 1938 Bresslau Sports Games

Price: $1.50

VF The 1938 Breslau sports festival showcased Nazi gymnastic and other athletes. Showing the stadium and city views.

DZG 241-54 Danzig Occupation Stamp Set Used

Price: $135.00

VF used. 1939 Set of 14 Danzig stamps overprinted by the German Occupation Administration, "Deutsches Reich" most with new values in reichsmarks. Valid throughout greater Germany.

GE 492-3u Annexation of Danzig

Price: $1.50

VF 1939 set shows the Return of the City of Danzig to Germany. Proclaiming the famous German saying, "Danzig ist Deutsch."

GE 494-7u 1940 Leipzig Fair

Price: $1.95


GE 498-501u 1941 Leipzig Fair

Price: $3.25

VFused. 1941. Lepzig the traditional location the Germans housed their trade shows. The 3rd Reich used these to highlight the Nazi industrial might. The propaganda movement included hosting sporting events, trade fairs, etc. to show off areas in which they excelled. This set highlights the 1940 Lepzig trade fair.

GE 502-5u Vienna Fair

Price: $2.40

FVF 1942 Following the annexation of Austria, the 3rd Reich began issuing stamps to highlight events there. Long a famous cultural event, the Vienna Fair was turned into a showcase for Hitler.

GE 506-25 used Hitler Head Set

Price: $12.95

VF used, 1941-44 Set of Hitler Heads to 2 Mark value. Three and Five Mark Stamps sold seperately when available.

GE 526, Three-mark Hitler used

Price: $9.95

FVF used. 1942 Three-mark Hitler portrait regular issue, scarce used. Few rough perforations.

GE 527, Five-mark Hitler used

Price: $25.00

Fine used. 1942 Five-mark Hitler portrait regular issue, very scarce used.

GE B49-57u Wagner Opera

Price: $235.00

&nbsp;Wagner was Hitler's favorite composer and much of the 3rd Reich's official music came from Wagner's operas. Nine stamps, each representing a different Opera. Among them, -Das Rheingold, Siegfried, Lohengrin a nd Parsifal.- Printed early in Hitler's Reign on Swastika watermarked paper. Very scarce. This is a popular set sought after by German, and topical, collectors alike. Very low printing figures, only 265,000 sets printed the lowest of all the 3rd Reich's commemorative stamp sets. 1933 set of 9.

GE B59-67u Professions

Price: $89.50

VF 1934 set of 9 showing the professions; Business, Farming, Building, Chemistry, a Judge, etc. Fairly scarce this great set sought after by German and topical collectors alike.

B68 Ostropa Exhibition Souvenir Sheet Block

Price: $487.50

VF/XF 1935 Ostropa Souvenir Sheet with Ostropa show cancel. Line across bottom of sheet is from protective mount.

GE B69-78u Women's Regional Costumes

Price: $37.50

FVF 1935 set of 10 showing regional traditional dress. Wonderfully engraved and colorful. It is one of the early, long commemorative sets the 3rd Reich printed to show off German Culture.

GE B82-89u Summer Olympics, 1936

Price: $12.50

VF 1936 set of 8 Hitler hosted the 1936 Olympics, which were used as a political statement of "German Superiority." Fantastic new Sports Arenas and Stadiums were built for the games, as well as a number of other buildings. These stamps were printed for the Olympic games, and show German athletes at a number of events.

GE B90u Brown Ribbon Souvenir Sheet

Price: $12.95

VF 1936 Souvenir sheet issued for the Running of the "Brown Band" (brown ribbon) horse race in Munich. The surcharge on the sheet went towards a 100,000 RM prize for the race winner. With special cancel for the race.

GE B91-2u Summer Olympics Souvenir Sheets

Price: $77.50

VF 1936 Souvenir Sheet Set of 2 Issued for the 1936 Olympics. They clearly show the Olympic Games watermark. The set shows German athletes at a number of events. A great Olympic set. Variety of event cancels available. Cancels &amp; location may vary.

GE B93-101u Engineering Marvels

Price: $10.95

VF 1936 set of 9 Issued to show German achievements. Included are the autobahn and autobahn bridges, aqueducts, and buildings. A great scenic set from early 3rd Reich.