Greece Stamps

We offer selected Greece stamps from 1936 through 1982 online. Many others in stock.

GR 389-90

Price: $1.25

VF LH--1936 Mourning issue for King Constantine and Queen Sophia

GR 455-58

Price: $0.75

VF NH--1944-45 Surcharge Issue

GR 467-8

Price: $0.55

Fine NH--OCT 1945; Honoring the 1940 vote refusing Italy's WW II ultimatum. Perforations close on one side of each stamp.

GR 469-71

Price: $1.00

VF NH--1945 Issue mourning the death of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Gr 498-500

Price: $7.75

VF LH--1947 King George II Memorial Issue

GR 517-19

Price: $19.50

VF NH--1949 Horrors of WW II Memorial Issue

GR 523 Battle of Crete

Price: $9.95

VF NH--1950 Ninth anniversary of the WW II Battle of Crete

GR 618-23

Price: $9.95

VF NH--1958 Set of six honoring the Merchant Marine, showing early Greek sailboats to modern ships

GR 639-48

Price: $29.50

VF NH--1959 Set showing ancient Greek coins

GR 649-55

Price: $12.50

VF NH--1959 Scenes from ancient Greek theater

GR 656 Greek Civil War

Price: $3.50

VF NH--1959 Greek Civil War, 10th anniversary

GR 666

Price: $4.50

VF NH--1960, noting the centenary of the birth of poet Costas Palamas

GR 667-8

Price: $1.50

VF NH--1960; World Refugee Year

GR 669-76

Price: $4.25

VF NH--1960; 50th anniversary of the Greek Boy Scouts

GR 677-87

Price: $14.95

VF NH--1960 Olympic Games Issue, Rome

GR 689

Price: $1.65

VF NH--1960 Shepherd Issue

GR 690

Price: $0.50

VF NH--1961 Victory of the Crown Prince in Olympic Yachting

GR 691-707 Greek Monuments and Scenery

Price: $25.00

VF NH--1961 Tourist issue showing Greek monuments and scenery.

GR 708-15

Price: $19.00

VF NH--1961 set of 8 showing ancient Greek artifacts

GR 716-17

Price: $1.00

VF NH--1961 opening of a nuclear research center

GR 718-19

Price: $0.80

VF NH--1961 Europa Issue

GR 720

Price: $0.65

VF NH--1961 issue marking the 1000th anniversary of the liberation of Crete from the Saracens

GR 721-7 Centenary of the Greek postage stamp

Price: $2.75

VF NH--1961 Centenary of the Greek postage stamp. Showing the first Greek stamps in full color.

GR 739-40

Price: $1.75

VF NH--1962 Europa Issue

GR 759-63

Price: $2.00

VF NH--1963 Eleventh annual Boy Scout Jamboree

GR 855-8

Price: $0.75

VFNH, 1966; 2500th anniversary of Greek theater

GR 864-75

Price: $4.40

VFNH, 1966 Ancient Greek arts

GR 953-7

Price: $2.00

VFNH, 1969 Greece and the Sea set.

GR 996

Price: $0.75

VFNH, 1970 American Hellenic Society

GR 1038-45

Price: $2.50

VFNH, 1972 Costumes of Crete