Liechtenstein Stamps

We offer selected Liechtnstein stamps from 1930 through 1978, as well as semi-postals and airmail online. Many others in stock.

Liechtenstein 425, European Free Trade

Price: $0.40

VF NH, 1967 Europa Free Trade Association stamp.

Liechtenstein 426-8

Price: $0.85

VF NH. Historic Christian Symbols on stamps.

Liechtenstein 429, Johann Baptist Buchel

Price: $0.55

VF NH, 1967 Johann Baptist Buchel Stamp, priest, historian, poet.

Liechtenstein 430-41, Patron Saints

Price: $5.50

VF NH. 1966-7 13-stamp set showing patron saints. 5rp to 2Fr.

Liechtenstein 430-41 used

Price: $3.50

VF. 1966-7 set showing patron saints. 5rp to 2Fr.

Liechtenstein 442, Europa 1968

Price: $0.35

VF NH, 1968 Europa Stamp showing antique key

Liechtenstein 443-5, Fairy Tales

Price: $1.00

VF NH. 1968 Fairy Tale Stamp Set.

Liechtenstein 443-5 used

Price: $0.75

VF. 1968 Fairy Tale Set.

Liechtenstein 446, Royal Wedding Anniversary

Price: $0.50

VF NH. Silver wedding anniversary of Prince Franz Joseph II and Princess Gina.

Liechtenstein 447-51, Stamp Personalities

Price: $2.00

VF NH. 1968-9 stamp set shows famous stamp collectors, Rowland Hill, etc.

Liechtenstein 452, Coat of Arms

Price: $1.85

VF NH. 1969 Liechtenstein Coat of Arms stamp.

Liechtenstein 452 used

Price: $1.50

VF. 1969 Coat of Arms.

Liechtenstein 453, Europa

Price: $0.35

VF NH, 1969 Europa stamp.

Liechtenstein 454-7

Price: $1.30

VF NH. 250th anniversary of Liechtenstein stamp set. Astrological format.

Liechtenstein 458-60, Fairy Tales

Price: $0.90

VF NH. 1969 Fairy Tale stamps.

Liechtenstein 461, Telegraph

Price: $0.35

VF NH, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland Cooperation in Telegraph System.

Liechtenstein 462-4, Arms of Nobility

Price: $1.50

VF NH. 1969 Coats of Arms stamps.

Liechtenstein 462-4 used

Price: $0.95

VF. 1969 Coats of Arms.

Liechtenstein 465, Red Cross

Price: $0.60

VF NH. Anniversary of Liechtenstein Red Cross. Showing Prince Wenzel.

Liechtenstein 466-69, Flowers

Price: $1.60

VF NH. 1970 Set of four native flower stamps.

Liechtenstein 466-69 used

Price: $1.00

VF. Set of native flowers.

Liechtenstein 471, Minnesinger Art

Price: $1.85

VF NH. 1970 Souvenir sheet of 4 showing medieval Minnesinger art.

Liechtenstein 472-3, Royalty

Price: $2.95

VF NH. 1970 royalty set of two stamps with portraits of Prince Franz Joseph II, and Princes Gina.

Liechtenstein 472-3 used

Price: $1.50

VF. 1970 royalty set with portraits of Prince Franz Joseph II, and Princes Gina.

Liechtenstein 475-7, Coats of Arms

Price: $0.80

VF NH. 1970 Coats of Arms of Abbeys.

Liechtenstein 475-7 used

Price: $0.65

VF. 1970 Coats of Arms

Liechtenstein 478-80, National Museum

Price: $0.80

VF NH. Opening of national museum. Antique Artifacts.

Liechtenstein 481-4, Flowers

Price: $1.65

VF NH. 1971 flower set. Cyclamen, Moonwort, Superb Pink, Alpine columbine.

Liechtenstein 481-4 used

Price: $1.00

VF. 1971 flower set.

Liechtenstein 485

Price: $0.35

VF NH, 1971 Europa stamp issue.

Liechtenstein 486-8, Coats of Arms

Price: $1.25

VF NH. 1971 Coats of Arms of Religious Organizations

Liechtenstein 489-90, Constitution

Price: $0.90

VF NH. 50th anniversary of Liechtenstein constitution. Stamps showing national crown.

Liechtenstein 491, Christmas

Price: $0.35

VF NH, 1971 Christmas Stamp with the Madonna and Child

Liechtenstein 492-5, Winter Olympics

Price: $1.75

VF NH. 1971 Stamps of Winter Olympics, Sapporo Japan.

Liechtenstein 492-5 used

Price: $1.25

VF. Winter Olympics, Sapporo Japan.

Liechtenstein 496-99, Summer Olympics

Price: $1.10

VF NH, 1972 Summer Olympics Games Munich. Gymnastics, High Jump, Running, Discus Stamps.