Liechtenstein Stamps

We offer selected Liechtnstein stamps from 1930 through 1978, as well as semi-postals and airmail online. Many others in stock.

Liechtenstein 102

Price: $67.50

VF hinged. 1930 30rp stamp showing chapel at Steg.

Liechtenstein 106

Price: $45.00

VF hinged. 1930 1.50Fr stamp showing a mountain and chalet.

Liechtenstein 238

Price: $39.50

VF hinged. 1949 souvenir sheet portraits by famous artists.

Liechtenstein 261-63

Price: $27.50

VF LH. Stamp set from 1952 Portrait issue. Showing "Savolodo, St. John, and a Madonna," by Del Sarto.<br>

Liechtenstein 301-2

Price: $9.50

VF NH. 1956 issue marking the 150th anniversary of independence. Showing Liechtenstein Crest.

Liechtenstein 315-16, Boy Scouts

Price: $2.25

VF NH 1957 Issue showing a torchlight parade, and Lord Baden Powell, in boy scout uniform. Setenant Pair.

Liechtenstein 329-31

Price: $6.95

VF NH. 1958 Christmas Set.

Liechtenstein 356A-58, Royal Family

Price: $5.25

VF NH: 1960 Set of three showing Princess Gina, Prince Hohann and Prince Franz Jospeh II.

Liechtenstein 359-67

Price: $16.50

VF NH. 1961 set of 9 stamps showing midieval art and royalty.

Liechtenstein 368, Europa 1961

Price: $0.35

VF NH, 1961 Europa, Cogwheels design.

Liechtenstein 371, WHO Malaria Drive

Price: $0.45

VF NH, 1962 World Health Organization drive to eradicate Malaria. Showing campaign emblem.

Liechtenstein 372-4, Christmas 1962

Price: $1.90

VF NH. 1962 Christmas issue showing the Pieta, an angel with a harp and view of Mauren.

Liechtenstein 375, Prince Franz Joseph II

Price: $2.00

VF LH. Portrait of Prince Franz Joseph II.

Liechtenstein 375 used

Price: $2.25

VF. Portrait of prince Franz Joseph II.

Liechtenstein 376-8

Price: $1.50

VF NH. 1963 Red Cross centenary.

Liechtenstein 376-8 used

Price: $1.15

VF. Red Cross centenary.

Liechtenstein 380, Freedom From Hunger

Price: $0.50

VF NH: 1963 Freedom From Hunger Campaign. Showing bread and Milk.

Liechtenstein 381-4

Price: $2.35

VF NH. 1963 set of medieval art and historic figures.

Liechtenstein 381-4 used

Price: $1.75

VF. 1963 set of medievil art and famous people.

Liechtenstein 385, 1964 Olympics

Price: $0.45

VF NH, 1964 Olympic Games Issue

Liechtenstein 386-9 used

Price: $1.25

VF. 1964 Set showing coats of arms.

Liechtenstein 390 used, Europa 1964

Price: $0.50

VF. Europa 1964 issue showing the Roman Castle at Schaan.

Liechtenstein 391-3

Price: $1.35

VF NH. 1964 Christmas issue showing Mary Magdalene, a Madonna, and the Chapel at Masescha

Liechtenstein 391-3 used

Price: $1.00

VF. 1964 Christmas issue showing Mary Magdalene, a Madonna, and the Chapel at Masescha

Liechtenstein 395

Price: $4.95

VF NH. 1965 18th Century sculpture of the Madonna.

Liechtenstein 396-99, City Arms

Price: $1.65

VF NH. 1965 set showing coats of arms.

Liechtenstein 396-99 used

Price: $1.25

VF. 1965 set showing coats of arms.

Liechtenstein 401-3

Price: $1.00

VF NH. 1965 Paintings of Ferdinand Nigg.

Liechtenstein 404, Princess Gina and Baby

Price: $0.45

VF NH, 1965 Stamp showing Princess Gina and her son, Prince Franz Joseph Wenzel.

Liechtenstein 406-9

Price: $1.40

VF NH. Nature conservation set showing a tree, bird over water, a fish and the sun.

Liechtenstein 410, Prince Franz Joseph II

Price: $0.50

VF NH, 1966 stamp celebrating 60th Birthday of Prince Franz Joseph II.

Liechtenstein 411-14, Arms

Price: $1.10

FVF NH, 1966 Stamp set showing arms of barons of Richenastein.

Liechtenstein 415, Europa 1966

Price: $0.40

VF NH, 1966 Europa stamp showing stylized sailboat.

Liechtenstein 416-19, Valduz Church

Price: $1.30

VF NH, 1966 stamp set showing Valduz Church and Icons.

Liechtenstein 421-3, Fairy Tales

Price: $1.10

VF NH. 1967 Fairy Tale stamp set.

Liechtenstein 425, European Free Trade

Price: $0.40

VF NH, 1967 Europa Free Trade Association stamp.