German Offices and Colonies Stamps

Offering stamps from all ten German colonies, as well as German offices in China, Morocco and Turkey.

Togo 20a

Price: $0.50

VF LH. 1909-14 3pf. Kaiser yacht. Lozenges watermak.

Togo 21

Price: $0.95

VF LH. 1909-14 5pf. Kaiser yacht. Lozenges watermak.

Togo 23

Price: $21.00

VF LH. 1909-14 5 Mark Large Kaiser yacht. Lozenges watermak.

Togo 160 NH

Price: $150.00

VF NH. 1914 35pf. Kaiser yacht overprinted, "Togo, Occupation franco-anglaise."

Morocco Offices 52 LH

Price: $25.00

VF used. Germany 1905 50 pf. "Germania Deutsches Reich" issue overprinted "Marokko" and "60 Centimes" in black. 1906-11 watermarked lozenges.

Caroline Is. 5 On Piece W/Provisional Cancel

Price: $75.00

FVF used. Germany yellow-orange 25 pf. overprinted Karolinen in black at a 56-degree angle. Ponape circular date cancel.

Caroline Is. 9 10pf Yacht Bisect w/Official Seal

Price: $50.00

VF used. 1901 10pf red Kaiser's Yacht, unwatermarked