Poland General Government Stamps

Poland Govt. Exile 3K9-16

Price: $27.50

VF NH, Nov. 1943 Polish Government in Exile, Great Britain. Issued for use on free Polish military and merchant vessels, and in military camps. Showing Polish forces in action multiple locations.

Poland Govt. Exile 3K17-20

Price: $65.00

VF NH, June 1944. Battle of Monte Cassino, Italy. Previous issues with new values and overprinted, "Monte Cassino, 18-5-1944." To commemorate Polish allied forces taking the Monte Cassino fortress in Italy from the Germans.

Poland Govt. Exile 3KB1 Defense of Warsaw

Price: $8.95

VF NH, Feb. 1945 Showing partisan fighters fighting German soldiers. Issued by exile government in London.