German East Africa Stamps

First GEA Stamps
#1-5 First GEA Stamps

German East Africa became a German Colony Febuary, 27, 1885. German stamps were used until 1893 when the first German stamps were overprinted with new values horizontally in black.
#6-10 1896 DOA Stamps
    #6-10 1896 "DOA" Stamps
 In 1896 German stamps of 1889 were overprinted, with new values and "Deutsch-Ostafrika" and "Pesa." The new stamps were valid until the "Yacht" stamps were issued in 1901.

#11-21 1901 Kaiser's Yacht Issue
#11-21 1901 Kaiser's Yacht
 In 1901 stamps picturing the Kaiser's yacht, "Hohenzollern" were issued for Germany's colonies; typographed, engraved and without watermark. Values in Pesa and Rupees.

For image of later stamp set see GEA #31-41.

German East Africa 39 LH

Price: $9.50

Fine LH. 1905-16 1 Mark, carmine large "yacht." Watermarked lozenges.Close on the right edge.

German East Africa 40 LH

Price: $35.00

VF LH. 1905-16 2 Mark, green large "yacht." Watermarked lozenges.

German East Africa 41 LH

Price: $32.50

VF LH. 1905-16 80pf, small "yacht." Watermarked lozenges.F LH. 1905-16 3 Rupies Carmine & Slate, large "yacht." Watermarked lozenges. MI 39AIb.

German East Africa 41 used

Price: $200.00

<div>XF used. 1905-16 3 Rupies, large "yacht." Watermarked lozenges. Mi. 39IAb. Red &amp; blackish green.<br></div>

German East Africa 41 Carmine Peace Printing

Price: $175.00

MI #39IAa, 1905 3 Rupies, large "yacht." Watermarked lozenges. Peace printing perforation 14 3/4x14 1/4, carmine and green black.

German East Africa 41a

Price: $115.00

VF LH. 1905-16 3 Rupies red and "blackish" green, large "yacht." Watermarked lozenges. Color variety.<br>

German East Africa 7.5h Provisional, TyII

Price: $45.00

1916 Postmaster Provisional 7 1/2 heller Type II.