Used Germany Stamps to 1933

Listing hundreds of used sets and singles from early eagle shields, through inflation and the Weimar Republic. Semi postals, airmails and officials too.

GE 133-6u

Price: $3.60

FVF 1921 Germania post-war printing set 1.6- to 10-M overprints. 4 stamps

GE 137-55 1921 New Issues, Diamond Watermark

Price: $45.00

VF used 1921 New Values, Workers, posthorns and numerals watermarked lozenges,<> 19 stamps

GE 212-17u

Price: $12.10

FVF 1922 Arms of Munich,1.25 to 20 M set. 6 stamps

GE 237-8u

Price: $4.40

FVF 1923 Wartburg Castle and Colone Cathedral Five-Thousand/ Ten-Thousand Marks, 2 stamps

GE 323-8u

Price: $2.10

FVF 1923 New currency set. 3pf to 100pf

GE 330-6u

Price: $2.10


GE 337-9u

Price: $8.50

FVF 1924 Rhine Castle, Colone and Marienburg Castle Set (3)

GE 340-3 Heinrich von Stephan

Price: $1.80

FVF 1924 von Stephan set(4)

GE 345-6u

Price: $9.00

FVF 1925 Traffic Exhibition Munich

GE 347-9u The Rhineland

Price: $1.20

FVF 1925 Eagle and Rhine Valley set (3)

GE 350u Speyer Cathedral

Price: $9.00

FVF 1925 Speyer Cathedral 5 Marks.

GE 351-62u

Price: $10.20

FVF 1926 Famous Germans set of 12; including; Goethe, Schiller, Beethoven, Frederick the Great, Kant, Bach and Durer.

GE 366-84 Pres. Ebert & von Hindenburg

Price: $19.95

FVF 1928 Ebert and Hindenburg presidential set of 19

GE 385-6u Allied withdrawal of occupation

Price: $1.50

FVF 1930 Allied withdrawal of occupation set. Overprinted "30 Juni 1930."

GE 387u Cologne Cathedral

Price: $7.90

FVF 1930 Cologne Cathedral, 2 Reichmark

GE 391-7u

Price: $17.20

FVF 1932 1st Hindenburg set of 7. Network watermark

GE 398-400u Frederick the Great

Price: $15.95

VF 1933 Frederick the Great 6-, 12- and 25pf stamps for Potsdam Day. King of Prussia, 1740-1786, Frederick began the conquest of Poland and expansion of the Prussian empire.

GE B1-2u

Price: $5.95

FVF 1919 surcharges for war wounded. Germania

GE B3-4 1922 Charity Issue

Price: $32.50

FVF used, 1922 6-12 Mark with charity surcharges,4-8 marks for child welfare.

GE B5-7u 1923 Rhine and Ruhr Assistance

Price: $79.50

FVF used 1923 100, 500 and 1000 mark surcharges. Rhine and Ruhr Assistance.

GE B8-11u

Price: $57.50

FVF 1924 Emergency famine aid set of 4

GE B12-14u 1925 Coats of Arms, Charity

Price: $13.50

FVF used, 1925 Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony coats of Arms. Set of 3

GE B15-8u

Price: $90.00

FVF 1926 Wurttemberg, Baden, Thuringen and Hessen coats of Arms. Set of 4

GE B19-22u

Price: $32.90

FVF 1927 President Hindenburg Birthday Set of 4. Veterans Charity.

GE B23-7u, 1928 Charity Arms Stamps

Price: $105.00

FVF used. 1928 Hamburg, Mecklenberg-Schwerin, oldenburg, Brusnwick and Anhalt coats of Arms. Set of 5

GE B28-32u 1929 Charity Arms Stamps

Price: $99.50

FVF used. 1929 Bremen, Lippe-Detmold, Lubeck, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, nd Schaumberg-Lippecoats of Arms. Set of 5

GE B34-7u 1930 City Landmarks Stamps

Price: $75.00

FVF used. 1930 Scenes of Aachen, the Brankenburg Gate, Marienwerder, and Wurzburg. Set of 4.

GE B38-41u 1931 City Landmarks Charity Stamps

Price: $69.50

FVF 1931 Scenes of Dresden, Breslau, Heidelberg and Lubeck. Set of 4.

GE B42-3u

Price: $15.00

FVF 1932 Surcharges on breslau and Dresden Issues.

GE B44-48u 1932 City Landmarks Charity Stamps

Price: $55.00

FVF used. 1932 Scenes of Wartburg, Stolzenfels, Nuremberg, Lichtenstein and Marburg Castles. Set of 5.

GE C1-2u

Price: $3.70

VF 1919 First Airmail Set

GE C3u

Price: $9.90

FVF 1922 25pf Eagle Airmail

GE C4u

Price: $13.60

FVF 1922 40pf Eagle Airmail

GE C5u

Price: $5.00

FVF 1922 50pf Eagle Airmail

GE C6u

Price: $11.90

FVF 1922 60pf Eagle Airmail

GE C8u

Price: $2.50

FVF 1922 1 Mark Eagle Airmail