U.S. Stamps Mint, 3024-Recent: 1996--

US 2720 1993 Lunar New Year Pane, Rooster

Price: $10.00

VF NH. 1993 29-cent Lunar New Year, rooster, pane of 20.

US 2817 1994 Lunar New Year Pane, Dog

Price: $15.00

VF NH. 1994 29-cent Lunar New Year, dog, pane of 20.

US 2876 1995 Lunar New Year Pane, Pig

Price: $13.00

VF NH. 1995 29-cent Lunar New Year, pig, pane of 20.

1996 US Commemorative Stamp Year Set; 3024-30_3058-3119

Price: $75.00

VF NH 1996 Commemorative Year Set: 101 Stamps, Includes all se-tenant blocks, mini sheets & cycling souvenir sheet, Christmas regular block and self-adhesive singles (not shown)

3031-55, 1996-02 Flora and Fauna

Price: $22.50

1996- 2002 Flora and Fauna series. Seventeen stamps, one-cent to $1, picturing songbirds, a pheasant, fox, and roses. Includes two 33ยข rose varieties and a 3051A pheasant booklet single.

US 3060 1996 Lunar New Year Pane, Rat

Price: $16.50

VF NH. 1996 32-cent Lunar New Year, rat, pane of 20.

US 3061-4 Pioneers of Communication

Price: $2.35

VF NH Photographers and Printers

US 3068 Atlanta Summer Olympics

Price: $12.50

VF NH 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games Pane of 20

US 3072-6 Indian Dancers

Price: $5.50

VF NH 1996 Strip of 5 American Indian Dancers

US 3077-80 Prehistoric Animals

Price: $2.35

VF NH 1996 Prehistoric Animals; Eohippus, Mammoth, Mastedon and Saber-Tooth Tiger.

US 3083-6 Folk Heroes

Price: $2.35

VF NH 1996 Folk Heroes; Paul Bunyon, John Henry, Mighty Casey and Pecos Bill

US 3091-5 Riverboats

Price: $2.95

VF NH 1996 Riverboat side and stern wheelers. Strip of 5

US 3096-9 Big Band Leaders

Price: $2.75

VF NH 1996 Big Band Leaders; Count Basie, The Dorsey Brothers, Glen Miller and Benny Goodman

US 3100-3 Songwriters

Price: $2.75

VF NH 1996 Songwriters

US 3105 Endangered Species

Price: $11.00

VF NH 1996 15 Different American Endangered Species

US 3108-11 Christmas Art

Price: $2.35

VF NH 1996 Christmas Art Sheet Block of 4

US 3113-16 Family Christmas

Price: $2.25

VF NH 1996 Family Christmas Booklet Singles

US 3119 Cycling

Price: $2.50

VF NH 1996 Cycling Souvenir Sheet

US 3120 1997 Lunar New Year Pane, OX

Price: $13.50

VF NH. 1997 32-cent Lunar New Year, OX, pane of 20.

1997 US Commemorative Stamp Year Set; 3120-3177

Price: $75.00

VF NH, 1997 Commemorative Year Set: 101Stamps, Includes all commemorative singles, se-tenant blocks, mini sheets two sets of Botanical Stamps and one Bugs Bunny stamp. #3120-21, 3123-31, 3134-37a, 3139-78.

3122-22E, 3132-3 Liberty, Juke Box and Flag

Price: $5.50

VF NH, 1997 Statue of Liberty, Juke Box and Flag Series, the last two of which are linerless coils attached to new backing paper.

US 3126-7 Botanical Prints

Price: $1.25

VF NH 1997 Botanical Prints, Pair, from works by Maria Merian.

US 3128-29a Botanical Prints, horizontal var.

Price: $6.50

VF NH 1997 Botanical Prints, Pair, from works by Maria Merian. This variety pair was placed sideways to the other stamps in the booklet. Perf. 11.2 x 10.8.

US 3130-1 Pacific 97 Triangles

Price: $1.25

VF NH 1997 Stagecoach and Sailing Ship, Pacific 97 Stamp Show San Francisco

US 3136 Prehistoric Scenes, Dinosaurs

Price: $9.50

VF NH 1997 15 Different Dinosaurs.

US 3137 Bugs Bunny Pane

Price: $6.35

VF NH 1997 Bugs Bunny Pane of 10

US 3138 Bugs Bunny Die Cut Pane

Price: $99.50

VF NH 1997 Bugs Bunny Pane of 10, Die-cut with 10th stamp imperforate. Very limited printing.

US 3139-40a Pacific 97

Price: $1.95

VF NH. 1997 Benjamin Franklin and George Washington singles from souvenir sheets. Full souvenir sheets available; see next item.

US 3139-40 Pacific 97 Souvenir Sheets

Price: $19.95

SALE! VF NH 1997 Benjamin Franklin and George Washington souvenir sheets of 12. See above for picture of stamps.

US 3142 American Aircraft

Price: $11.50

VF NH 1997 Classic American Aircraft. 20 different famous designs.

US 3147-50 Football Coaches, Red Line over Names, singles

Price: $2.35

1997 Football Coaches set of four singles with red line over names; Pop Warner, Vince Lombardi, George Harris, Bear Bryant

US 3151 American Dolls

Price: $12.50

VF NH 1997 American Dolls Pane of 15 different classic and historic dolls.

US 3154-7 Opera Singers

Price: $2.75

VF NH 1997 American Music Series, Opera Singers

US 3158-65 Classical Composers/Conductors

Price: $9.95

VF NH. 1997 American Music Series, classical composers and conductors horizontal block of 8.

US 3168-72 Movie Monsters

Price: $3.40

VF NH 1997 Classical Movie Monsters; Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy.

US 3178 Mars Pathfinder

Price: $5.75

VF NH 1997 Mars Pathfinder souvenir sheet. Showing Mars Rover Sojourner