Used Third Reich Stamps: 1933-1945

This category lists most Third Reich regular and semi-postal stamp issues. We also have airmails, officials, and special cancels.

GE B243u Ribbon Band Horse Race

Price: $0.95

VF 1943 Brown Band horse race issue. Shows rider blowing horn to call to races

GE B243u Brown Ribbon Horse Race & Cancel

Price: $3.95

VF. 1943 Brown Band horse race issue. Shows rider blowing horn to call to races. Cancel shows stamp image, on piece.

GE B244-5u Vienna Horse Race

Price: $1.75

VF 1943 Pair of stamps for the Vienna races. Showing race horses

GE B246u Mother and Children

Price: $1.50

VF 1943 Charity stamp for winter help. Showing mother and children.

GE B247-8u Goldsmith Day

Price: $1.40

VF 1943 German Goldsmiths Day set

GE B249u City of Lubeck

Price: $1.00

VF 1943 stamp honoring the 800th anniversary of the city of Lubek

GE B251u Dr. Robert Koch

Price: $0.95

VF 1944 stamp commemorating the birth of Dr. Robert Koch, bacteriologist.

GE B252u Nazi Anniversary

Price: $1.95

VF 1944 commemoration of the assumption of power by the Nazis in 1933. Showing Hitler and Nazi standard

GE B252A-Cu Lufthansa

Price: $3.95

VF used. 1944 Showing German Aircraft-Lufthanza Airpost

GE B253-6u Mothers and Children

Price: $2.50

VF Set of four stamps showing Nursing and Children. Surcharge went to the Mother and Child fund.

GE B257-69u Battle Scenes

Price: $14.95

VF Issued for 1944 Heroes Day to pay tribute to the Military Forces, then retreating from allied forces on a wide front . Showing a variety of Battle scenes, it highlights everything from the infantry to the U-Boat service. It was printed by the photogravure process.

GE B270u Fulda City

Price: $0.70

VF 1944 Commemoration of the 1200th anniversary of Fulda.

GE B271u Hitler Birthday 1944

Price: $2.50

VF 1944, Last Hitler Birthday Stamp. Showing Hitler and Nazi symbols. Birthday cancel with eagle.

GE B272-7u Communications Employees

Price: $4.25

VF Reissue of part of the set from 1941 that highlights a host of events and groups. Six stamps in smaller format. They used the money to finance the Postal Employees Fund. The complete 1944 set.

GE B278-9u Shooting Matches

Price: $1.75

VF 1944 Set noting the Innsbruck Austria shooting matches.

GE B280u Albert University

Price: $1.25

VF 1944 stamp for the 400th anniversary of Albert University

GE B281-2u Labor Services

Price: $1.15

VF 1944 set for the Reich Labor Service

GE B283u Brown Ribbon Horse Races

Price: $1.50

VF 1944 Stamp For Brown Band Races in Munich

GE B284-5u Vienna Horse Races

Price: $1.85

VF 1944 set for the Vienna horse races. Showing race horses.

GE B286-7u Goldsmith Day

Price: $1.65

VF 1944 set for Goldsmith Day

GE B288u Post Horn

Price: $1.50

VF 1944 Issue for Stamp Day showing a post horn. Six plus 24 pfenning surcharge.

GE B289u Munich Putsch

Price: $1.25

VF 1945 Stamp marking 21st anniversary of Munich Putsch

GE B290u Oldenburg City

Price: $2.00

VF 1945 Stamp marking 600th anniversary of Oldenburg municipal law. <br>

GE C43-45 Graf Zeppelin Chicago Flight used

Price: $550.00

1, 2, 4 RM Set Issued for the Graf Zeppelin visit for the 1933 Chicago Century of Progress flight. This set was complimented by a US issue. Overprint reads Chicagofahrt, Weltausstellung (Chicago Flight, World Exhibition). The airship had the newly-added swastika on its top and bottom tail fins.

GE C46-54u Soaring Eagle Airmail Group

Price: $14.50

VF Airmail set showing German Eagle soaring over globe and swastika on the sun, 5pf to 100pf., 9 stamps

GE C46-56u Soaring Eagle Airmail Set

Price: $39.50

SALE! VF Airmail set showing German Eagle soaring over globe and swastika on the sun. Also German aviation pioneers, Otto Lilienthal and Ferdinand von Zeppelin. 5pf to 3 RM, 11 stamps

C55, Germany 2 RM 1934 Airmail 1934 Otto Lilenthal

Price: $9.50

VF used, 2 RM Airmail showing Otto Lilenthal and an early airplane. Swastika watermank.

C56, Germany 3 RM 1934 Airmail, von Zeppelin

Price: $19.50

VF used, 3 RM Airmail showing Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin and his Zeppelin airship. Swastika watermank.

GE C57-8 Hindenburg Zeppelin Stamps

Price: $1.50

VF Airmail set The 1936 set shows LZ 129, The Hindenburg, over a German valley and was issued for its first North America flight. Airmail

GE C59-60u Count von Zeppelin

Price: $1.95

VF used. 1938 small zeppelin stamp set. The set has swastikas in the upper corners and depict Count Zeppelin at the helm of his airship as well as the gondola. The stamps show the outlines of the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg Airships

GE MC1u Fieldpost Air Mail

Price: $0.50

VF 1942 Fieldpost Air Post stamp issued to Military. Perforated

GE MC1Au Fieldpost Air Mail

Price: $3.00

FVF 1942 Fieldpost Air Post stamp issued to Military. Horizontal, Rouletted Pair

GE MQ1u Fieldpost Parcel Post

Price: $0.50

VF used. 1942 Parcel Post stamp issued to Military.


Price: $50.00

VF 1944 The small green eagle stamps were issued to Germans in 1944 to send a small package for Christmas to loved ones at the front. They allowed 1,000 grams, about 2.2 lbs.


Price: $89.50

VF 1944 The Hitler overprint stamps were given to Germans to send warm clothing to loved ones fighting on the Russian front. They allowed one 2 Kg. (4.4 lb.) package. They were not made available to collectors. Used stamps are very scarce.

GE O80-91u Official Swastika Set

Price: $25.00

VF 1934 Official Nazi mail. Two different sets were issued. This is the early one, from 1934. It was printed on the coveted Swastika watermarked paper.