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US Postage Stamps

Older U.S. postage at face value. Decorate your mail with older stamps. Sold at the actual post-office price. Good assortment of stamps from 1935 through 2000 in various denominations. Requests for specific values will be honored if possible. Made up of overstock, special buys, and close-outs! Some may be hinged, disturbed gum or seconds, but most will be fresh never hinged stamps, all valid for postage. The more you buy, the better the assortment.

Dennisen Peelable Stamp Hinges

Price: $9.95

While they last! Bag of 1,000 Dennisen peelable, folded Stamp Hinges. <br>

U.S. Postage at 90%

Price: $1.00

Discounted U.S. Postage! Sold in increments of $1 at 90% of face value. Click on "U.S. Postage and enter amount you want to spend. You will receive 11% more. Limited time offer.