U.S. Commemorative Stamps

United States Commemoratives and Year Sets

U.S. Commemoratives from 1893 through 1934, plus Year Sets, and selected singles, se tenant blocks and panes from 1935 to 2014

2012 US Commemorative Stamp Year Set. #4323-32, 4591//4716

Price: $150.00

VF NH. 2012 Commemorative Year set: 87 stamps. Includes all commemorative singles, se-tenant blocks and two se-tenant panes. Flags of Our Nations, Go Green, Industrial Design, Garden of Love and 
three Christmas blocks.<br>#4323-32, 4591, 4604-7, 4623-28, 4652-4705, 4710-16.

US 4342-45, Art of Disney, Imagination

Price: $3.00

2008 VF NH, Art of Disney, Imagination block of four.

US 4353-57 1950's Autos

Price: $3.75

VF NH 2008 1950's Autos strip of 5.

US 4435 Year of the Tiger Pane of 12

Price: $11.50

VF NH. 2010 4435 Year of the Tiger Pane of 12<br>

US 4446-49 Cowboys of the Silver Screen

Price: $4.50

2010 VF NH Cowboys of the Silver Screen block of 4. Showing Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, Bill Hart and Gene Autry.

US 4604-07 Service Dogs at Work

Price: $4.75

2012 VF NH Service Dogs at Work block of four.

US 4712-15 Christmas Santa & Reindeer

Price: $5.50

2012 Christmas Santa and Reindeer booklet block of 4.

US 4817-20 Christmas Ginger Bread Houses

Price: $4.00

VF NH 2013 Christmas Ginger Bread Houses.

US 4825-44 Harry Potter Booklet

Price: $37.50

VF NH, 2013 Complete Harry Potter Booklet of 20 stamps. Showing scenes and characters from Harry Potter movies.<br>

US 4862-65 Winter Flowers

Price: $5.50

VF NH 4862-65 Winter Flowers block of 4.<br>

US 4917-20 Hudson River Paintings

Price: $3.95

VF NH 2014 4917-20 Hudson River School Paintings block of 4.

US 4991-94 Coastal Birds

Price: $2.50

US 647 Two-cent Hawaii Overprint

Price: $6.95

VF NH 1928 150th anniversary of the Discovery of Hawaii, Overprint "Hawaii 1776-1926" Two-cent Red

US C32-C46, 1946-1952 Airmail Set

Price: $10.90

VF NH The complete issue of airmail stamps from 1946 to 1952. 15 Stamps, including regular issues and commemoratives with two complete universal Postal Union sets. Also the special 80-cent issue for Hawaii- showing Diamond Head mountain. Rich color fresh appearance.

US 3953-56a Christmas Cookies Block

Price: $3.60

VF NH, 2005 Christmas Cookies block of four from booklet pane. Die cut 10.75 x 11. Large format.

US 3987-94 Drawings From Children's Books

Price: $6.50

VF NH. 2006 Se tenant block of 8 animal drawings From children's books.

US 4089-98 Quilts of Gee's Bend

Price: $10.50

VF NH 2006 Quilts of Gee's Bend block of 10

US 4160-63 Vintage Speedboats Pane

Price: $9.95

VF NH 2007 Vintage Speedboats Pane of 12.

US 4101-04a Snowflakes Block

Price: $3.50

VF NH, 2006 nowflakes Block of four from pane of 20.

US 4113-16a Snowflakes block ATM

Price: $5.50

VF NH, 2006 Snowflakes block of four. Die cut 8 from ATM pane.

US 4109-12a Snowflakes block

Price: $3.75

VF NH, 2006 Snowflakes block of four from booklet pane. Die cut 11.25 x 10.75.

US 4105-4108a Snowflakes Block

Price: $3.50

VF NH, 2006 Snowflakes block of four from booklet pane. Die cut 11.25 x 11.5.

US 4123 International Polar Year

Price: $3.75

VF NH. 2007 International Polar Year souvenir sheet of two.<br>

US 4146-50 Pacific Lighthouses

Price: $5.50

VF NH. 2007 Pacific Lighthouses strip of five.&nbsp; <br>

US 230 One-Cent Columbus, In sight of land

Price: $7.00

Fine LH. 1893 One Cent Columbus In sight of land.

US 231 2 Cent Landing of Columbus Broken Hat Variety

Price: $59.50

VF LH 1893 Two Cent Columbian, Landing of Columbus. Broken Hat variety. Figure near Columbus has a white wedge in brim of hat.

US 237 10 Cent Columbus Presents Natives

Price: $239.50

VF NH 1893 Ten-Cent Columbian, Columbus presents natives to court. Natural margin straight edge at top.

US 2783-84a Sign Language

Price: $1.10

VF NH 1993 American Sign Language se tenant pair.

3409 Probing Space 60-cent Pane of 6

Price: $13.50

VF NH, 2000 Pane of six stamps showing space exploration.

3410 Exploring the Solar System Pane of 5

Price: $15.00

VF NH, 2000 Pane of Five $1 stamps, Exploring the Solar System.

3411 Escaping Gravity Pane of Two, Priority mail.

Price: $19.50

VF NH, 2000 Pane of two $3.20 priority mail stamps showing working in space. Note, stamps are holograms.

3412 Space Achievement $11.75 Stamp

Price: $35.00

VF NH, 2000 Souvenir sheet of one $11.75 express mail stamp. Stamp is a circle depicting Earth. Stamp is a hologram.

3413 Lunar Landing $11.75 Stamp

Price: $35.00

VF NH, 2000 Souvenir sheet of one $11.75 express mail stamp. Stamp shows lunar module landing on the moon. Stamp is a hologram.

3410 Exploration of Solar System

Price: $15.00

VF NH, 2000 Pane of Five $1 stamps depecting exploration of Solar system.

US 4350 Bette Davis Pane of 20

Price: $18.50

VF NH. 2008 Bette Davis pane of 20. Legends of Hollywood series.<br>

US 3272 1999 Lunar New Year Pane, Rabbit

Price: $14.50

VF NH 1999 33-cent Lunar New Year, rabbit, pane of 20.