Are your stamps genuine? Many are very inexpensive for such old and historic stamps?

Yes, we only sell genuine stamps. Our experience in the philatelic field allows us to identify stamps that have been faked, counterfeited or forged. Many of our more expensive stamps have certificates, or signatures by experts (in the German stamp area). Many early stamps were printed in vast quantities, making them available inexpensively today. We are happy to be able to offer these small works of art and history.

We only have a foreign catalog, such as Michel or Gibbons, how do we identify the stamps on your website?

In the USA we use the Scott catalog. It has a few categorization differences that make finding the stamps in Michel or SG different. The main one is that ALL non-regular postage stamps are listed behind the regular issues. So the Wagner set in Germany, which was issued in 1933 is “B”49-57. These are listed as “semi-postal” stamps. The airmails (C) are also at the end, as are officials (O) , franchise (S), special delivery (E), etc

You use a lot of stamps I would like to have on your mailings and shipments. Why are you using such old stamps for postage?

We have a considerable amount of older postage and collectable stamps in inventory. Sometimes stamps are damaged, too off center to collect, or we have way more than we need for stock. That is why we offer “discount postage” for sale at a price below it’s face, or postage, value. We use these to ship your quality stamp purchases.

How do you know the shipment is safe? Many of the stamps are expensive.

All our shipping is done through the United States Postal Service. The vast majority of the stamps we ship are insured for full value. We have shipped many thousands of purchases and have had very little problem. For international shipments, stamp purchases less than $50 may be shipped without insurance at the buyers risk. Shipments over that amount are insured which requires a customs document to be attached. Customers in some countries may have to make special arrangements for shipping.

What payment methods do you accept?

We are happy to accept the payment method most convenient for you. We do take Credit Cards, PayPal, Money Orders and Checks. We also accept cash if that is preferred.

I have a stamp that is different than the one listed in the catalog. It has a spot of color on Jefferson’s face.

There is no reference for any recognized printing flaws on the Jefferson coil. Sometimes such flaws occur when a plate is damaged or a speck of dirt or other obstruction gets on the plate and causes temporary mars. Since there is no reference, your only recourse is to try and determine what caused the spot. If it is consistant and identical to the other stamps found, it may be a crack or damage to the plate which could be recognized and listed in the catalog upon determination of such a condition. Otherwise it is considered a freak and has nominal value.

Do you buy stamps and collections?

We do buy stamps in accordance with our needs. For some items, we have sufficient quantities to last for the considerable future. Other stamps, many of which we are out of, or have one or two in stock, we are happy to purchase. It is not possible to place a value on any stamp or collection without physically seeing them. There are too many factors that determine value. After phone or email confirmation, you may ship your material for sale to our mailing address.

I'm interested in buying a US used Scott #2. I see 3 of them pictured on your web site. I am reluctant to buy a high value stamp without authentication. can you provide authentication?

We do support having stamps certified by offering a refund for any stamp not authenticated as genuine or as described. We are happy to have any stamp certified for you after purchase. Certification cost, will be added to the stamp’s cost. We recommend using PSE or PSAG for the process, as they are more responsive and less expensive. Our prices are generally below market. Having stamps certified before sale is an expense that increases the stamps cost and many collectors do not require it.

I see a lot of other websites selling stamps for more than yours. How do you sell your stamps so cheaply?

We are a small operation and have little overhead. We use the Scott Catalog for a reference for stamp prices and usually discount from that. When we have an oversupply of any item, we put it on sale at a large discount. Our U.S. stamp Year Sets usually contain more stamps than either other retailers, or the USPS yearbooks, so the discount is often higher than one might realize.