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US Stamps: 1997-2006; #3120 to 4119
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Name Image Price Description  
1997 US Commemorative Stamp Year Set; 3120-3177
$69.75 VF NH 1997 Commemorative Year Set: 102 Stamps, Includes all commemorative singles, se-tenant blocks, mini sheets two sets of Botanical Stamps and one Bugs Bunny stamp.
US 3126-7 Botanical Prints
$1.25 VF NH 1997 Botanical Prints, Pair, from works by Maria Merian.
US 3130-1 Pacific 97 Triangles
$1.25 VF NH 1997 Stagecoach and Sailing Ship, Pacific 97 Stamp Show San Francisco
US 3136 Prehistoric Scenes, Dinosaurs
$9.50 VF NH 1997 15 Different Dinosaurs.
US 3137 Bugs Bunny Pane
$6.35 VF NH 1997 Bugs Bunny Pane of 10
US 3138 Bugs Bunny Die Cut Pane
$99.50 VF NH 1997 Bugs Bunny Pane of 10, Die-cut with 10th stamp imperforate. Very limited printing.
US 3139-40a Pacific 97
$1.95 VF NH 1997 Benjamin Franklin and George Washington singles from souvenir sheets. Full Sheets available; see next item.
US 3142 American Aircraft
$11.50 VF NH 1997 Classic American Aircraft. 20 different famous designs.
US 3143-6 Football Coaches
  $2.35 VF NH 1997 Football Coaches block of four; Pop Warner, Vince Lombardi, George Harris, Bear Bryant
US 3147-50 Football Coaches
$2.35 1997 Football Coaches set of four singles with red line over names; Pop Warner, Vince Lombardi, George Harris, Bear Bryant
US 3151 American Dolls
$12.50 VF NH 1997 American Dolls Pane of 15 different classic and historic dolls.
US 3152 Humphrey Bogart
  $16.00 VF NH 1997 Humphrey Bogart, Legends of Hollywood series pane of 2020
US 3154-7 Opera Singers
$2.75 VF NH 1997 American Music Series, Opera Singers
US 3158-65 Classical Composers/Conductors
$9.95 VF NH 1997 American Music Series, Classical composers and conductors Block of 8
US 3168-72 Movie Monsters
$3.40 VF NH 1997 Classical Movie Monsters; Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy.
US 3178 Mars Pathfinder
$5.75 VF NH 1997 Mars Pathfinder souvenir sheet. Showing Mars Rover Sojourner
1998 US Commemorative Stamp Year Set; 3179-81, 3192-3252
$64.50 VF NH 1998 Commemorative Year Set: 81 Stamps, Includes all commemorative singles, se-tenant blocks, mini sheets & 1 Christmas Block. No Celebrate the Century Sheets or Cattle in the Storm sheet; sold separately.
US Celebrate the Century Set - 3182-3191
$99.95 Sale! 1998-2000 The Complete set of "Celebrate the Century" issued from 1998 to 2000. Ten complete panes, each representing a decade of the 20th century 1900s through 1990s. See individual sheet numbers for images.
US 3182 - Celebrate the Century 1900s
$9.00 Celebrate the Century, "The dawn of the 20th Century." Thefirst pane of the set of 10 issued in 1998. With stamps highlightingBaseball, Teddy Bears, and the Wright Brothers, among others. Issued 1998.
US 3183 - Celebrate the Century - 1910s
$9.00 Celebrate the Century, "America Looks Beyond Its Borders."The second pane of the set of 10, issued in 1998. Subjects coverBoy Scouts, the Olympics, WW I, Boxing and more. Issued 1998.
US 3184 - Celebrate the Century - 1920s
$10.95 Celebrate the Century, "The Roaring Twenties." Third in the serieswith subjects covered including; Babe Ruth, Prohibition, Jazz and Charles Lindburgh. Issued 1998.
US 3185 - Celebrate the Century - 1930s
$10.95 Celebrate the Century, "Depression, Dust Bowl, and a New Deal."1998 pane covers the great depression and its aftermath. Subjects include Disney, Trains, The 1936 Olympics, the Golden Gate Bridge andSuperman. Issued 1998.
US 3186 - Celebrate the Century 1940s
$10.95 Celebrate the Century, "World War II Transforms America" Fifth panein the series, issued in 1999. Stamps show WWII, baseball, the "Slinky" etc. Issued 1999.
US 3187 - Celebrate the Century - 1950s
$10.95 Celebrate the Century, "Family, Fun, Suburbia and Nuclear Threats" A great host of themesmarks this sixth sheet in the series. Showing the TV, Lucille Ball, Space, Korean War, "The Catin the Hat" and more. Issued 1999.
US 3188 - Celebrate the Century - 1960s
$10.95 Celebrate the Century, "The Rebellious Sixties and Man on the Moon" This seventhsheet shows the issues and fads of the "hip" decade. Space, cas, peace, and"Barbie" are among the 15 stamps. Issued 1999.


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