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Airmail Stamps
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Name Image Price Description  
US C23 Eagle and Shield
$0.65 VF NH 1938 Bi-color Eagle and Shield
US C24 Winged Globe
$10.00 VF NH 1939 30-cent Blue Winged Globe
US C24 Winged Globe
  $7.95 FVF NH 1939 30-cent Blue Winged Globe
US C24 Winged Globe
$6.30 VF LH 1939 30-cent Blue Winged Globe
US C25-C31 Twin-engine Transport Set
$15.50 VF NH 1941-4 WW II era Aerial Transportation Set: 7 stamps.
US C25-C31 Twin-engine Transport Set
$11.00 FVF LH 1941-4 Aerial Transportation Set: 7 stamps
US C25 6 Twin-engine Transport
  $0.25 VF NH 6 Red Twin-engine Transport
US C26 8 Twin-engine Transport
  $0.25 VF NH 8 Green Twin-engine Transport
US C27 10 Twin-engine Transport
  $1.15 VF NH 10 purple Twin-engine Transport
US C28 15 Twin-engine Transport
  $2.10 VF NH 15 Brown Twin-engine Transport
US C29 20 Twin-engine Transport
  $2.10 VF NH 20 Green Twin-engine Transport
US C30 30 Twin-engine Transport
  $2.10 VF NH 30 Twin-engine Transport
US C31 50 Twin-engine Transport
  $9.95 VF NH 50 Twin-engine transport plane
US C32-C46, 1946-1952 Airmail Set
$10.90 VF NH The complete issue of airmail stamps from 1946 to 1952. 15 Stamps, including regular issues and commemoratives with two complete universal Postal Union sets. Also the special 80-cent issue for Hawaii- showing Diamond Head mountain. Rich color fresh appearance.
US C32 DC4 Skymaster
  $0.20 VF NH 1946 Five-cent DC4 Skymaster
US C33 DC4 Skymaster
  $0.20 VF NH 1947 Five-cent DC4 Skymaster (small stamp)
US C34-36 U.S. Monuments
  $1.25 VF NH, 1947 Set Showing the Statue of Liberty, Washington Pan American Building and San Francisco Bay Bridge.
US C37 DC4 Skymaster Coil
  $1.00 VF NH 1948 Five-cent Coil DC4 Skymaster. For Pair order 2
US C37 DC4 Skymaster
  $6.50 FVF NH 1948 Five-cent DC4 Skymaster Coil Line Pair
US C38 New York City
  $0.20 VF NH 1948 Five-cent New York City
US C39 DC-4 Skymaster
  $0.20 VF NH 1949 Six-cent DC-4 Skymaster
US C40 Alexandria Virginia
  $0.20 VF NH 1949 Six-cent Alexandria Virginia
US C41 DC4 Skymaster Coil
  $2.60 VF NH 1949 Six-cent DC4 Skymaster Coil. For pair order two.
US C42-4 Universal Postal Union
  $1.00 1949 Issue for the Universal Postal Union
US C45 Wright Brothers
  $0.20 VF NH 1949 Six-cent Wright Brothers Anniversary

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