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Airmail Stamps
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Name Image Price Description  
US C128 Harriet Quimby
  $0.90 VF NH 1991 50-Cent Harriet Quimby
US C129 William Piper
  $0.70 VF NH 1991 40-Cent William Piper
US C130 Antarctic Treaty
  $0.90 VF NH 1991 50-Cent Antarctic Treaty
US C131 Pre-Columbian America
  $0.90 VF NH 1991 50-Cent First Americans, Pre-Columbian America
US C132 William Piper Redrawn
  $3.50 VF NH 1991 40-Cent William Piper redrawn
US C133 Niagra Falls
$0.90 1999 48 Niagara Falls Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C133-50 Scenic American Landscapes Airmail Set
$24.95 VF NH, 1999-2012 Scenic American Landscapes Airmail Set of 18 self-adhesive stamps. This popular set highlights the best of the United States' natural wonders.
US C134 Rio Grande
$1.25 1999 40 Rio Grande River Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C135 Grand Canyon
$1.15 VF NH 2000 60 Grand Canyon Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C136 Nebraska Prairie
$1.30 2001 70 Nine-Mile Prairie Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C137 Mt. McKinley
$1.50 VF NH 2001 80 Mt. McKinley, Alaska Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C138 Arcadia National Park
$1.20 VF NH 2001 60 Arcadia National Park Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C139 Bryce Canyon
$1.20 VF NH 2006 63 Bryce Canyon Utah National Park Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C140 Great Smokey Mountains
$1.40 VF NH 2006 75 Great Smokey Mountains National Park Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C141 Yosemite
$1.65 VF NH 2006 84 Yosemite National Park Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C142 Okefenokee Swamp
$1.30 VF NH 2007 69 Okefenokee Swamp Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C143 Hagatna Bay
$1.65 VF NH 2007 90 Hagatna Bay, Guam Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C144 New Hampshire Woods
$1.40 VF NH 2008 72 13-Mile Woods, New Hampshire Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C145 Trunk Bay
$1.80 VF NH 2008 94 Trunk Bay, St John, U.S. Virgin Islands Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C146 Zion National Park, Utah
$1.50 VF NH 2009 79 Zion National Park, Utah. Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C147 Grand Teton National Park
$1.95 VF NH 2009 98 Grand Teton National Park. Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C148 Voyageurs National Park
$1.50 VF NH 2011 80¢ Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota. Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C149 Glacier National Park
$1.60 VF NH 2012 84¢ Glacier National Park, Montana. Scenic Landscape Airmail
US C150 Country Road, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
$1.95 VF NH 2012 $1.05 Amish wagon on a country road, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Scenic Landscape Airmail
US CE1 Airmail Special Delivery
  $0.70 1934 16 Airmail Special Delivery showing U.S. Seal

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