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Airmail Stamps
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Name Image Price Description  
US C68 Amelia Earhart
  $0.25 VF NH 1963 Eight-cent Amelia Earhart
US C69 Robert Goddard, Atlas Rocket
  $0.40 VF NH 1964 Eight-cent Robert Goddard, Atlas Rocket Launching from Cape Kennedy
US C70 Alaska Purchase
  $0.25 VF NH 1967 Eight-cent Alaska Purchase
US C71 Blue Jays, Audubon
  $0.70 VF NH 1967 20-cent Blue Jays, Audubon
US C72 Star Design
  $0.20 VF NH 1968 10-cent Star design
US C73 Star Design Coil
  $0.30 VF NH 1968 10-cent Star design coil. Order 2 for pair.
US C74 Curtiss Jenny Biplane
  $0.25 VF NH 1968 10-cent Air Mail Service. Curtiss Jenny Biplane
US C75 Stylized USA
  $0.35 VF NH 1968 20-cent Stylized USA
US C76 Apollo 11 Moon Walk
  $0.25 VF NH 1969 10-cent Apollo 11 Moon Landing and Walk
US C77 Stylized Delta Wing
  $0.20 VF NH 1971 Nine-cent Stylized Delta Wing
US C78 Jet Silhouette
  $0.20 VF NH 1971 11 Jet Silhouette
US C79 Winged Envelope
  $0.20 VF NH 1973 13 winged envelope
US C80 Statue of Liberty
  $0.35 VF NH 1971 17 Statue of Liberty Portrait
US C81 Stylized USA & Jet
  $0.35 VF NH 1971 21-cent Stylized USA & Jet
US C82 Coil Jet Sihhouette Coil
  $0.20 VF NH 1971 11 Jet Silhouette Coil. Order 2 for pair.
US C82 Jet Sihhouette Coil Line Pair
  $0.70 VF NH 1971 11-Cent Jet Sihhouette Coil Line Pair
US C83 Coil Winged Envelope Coil
  $0.20 VF NH 1973 13 winged envelope Coil. Order 2 for pair.
US C83 Winged Envelope Coil Line Pair
  $0.90 VF NH 1973 13-Cent Winged Envelope Coil Line Pair
US C84 Hawaii National Parks
  $0.20 VF NH 1972 11-Cent National Parks and Hawaii
US C85 Olympic Skiing
  $0.20 VF NH 1972 11-Cent Olympics and Skiing
US C86 Electronics Progress
  $0.30 VF NH 1973 11-Cent Electronics Progress
C87-112 1974-84 Airmail Set
$18.50 VF NH, 1974 through 1984 Airmail stamps, including 1984 Olympic airmail series blocks of four. 26 stamps. One Philip Mazzei stamp.
US C87 Statue of Liberty
  $0.30 VF NH 1974 18-Cent Statue of Liberty
US C88 Mount Rushmore
  $0.50 VF NH 1974 26-Cent Mount Rushmore
US C89 Airplane and Globes
  $0.50 VF NH 1976 25-Cent Plane and Globes

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