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U.S. Stamps
U.S. Commemorative Stamp Year Sets
Mint Germany Stamps to 1933
Used Germany Stamps to 1933
Mint German Third Reich Stamps 1933-45
Nazi Party-Nsdap Dues, Revenue Stamps
3rd Reich Axis & Occupation Stamps
Used Third Reich Stamps: 1933-1945
German Offices and Colonies Stamps
German Covers & Cards
Combat Art Propaganda Cards
German Generals and Heroes Cards
Nazi Party Event Cards
WWII Postal History
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  1936 Nazi Party Congress PPC Combo
Price: $59.50

"Special Propaganda Nazi Party Card for the 1936 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. Showing the pillar at the Nuremberg stadium holding the Nazi Symbol in full color. The card reads, "Reichs-Parteitag Nurnberg 1936." The back has, "Feltpostkarte, Reichsparteitag der NSDAP, Nurnberg s. -14 September 1936. It also has the special cancel and stamp issued for the event. One "dog-eared' corner is barely noticeable. Otherwise an excellent propaganda item. The stamp pictured is incorrect, it has the hands raised in salute stamp. Scott # 479."

  1936 Nazi Party Congress Monument PPC
Price: $35.00

"1936 Nazi Party Congress Color Propaganda Card with stamp issued for the event. Card shows monument of knights representing Germany's strength, and has a Nazi eagle and swastika. Card reads, "Reichsparteitag 1936 Nurnberg, and has artists initials, "RK." Reverse of card reads, "Feltpostkarte, Reichsparteitag der N.S.D.A.P. Nurnbgerg 8-14 September 1936." Excellent pictorial Nuremberg&nbsp; cancel. Fair condition,&nbsp; Small scuffs on front.<br>"

  1937 Nazi Party Congress Emblem Card
Price: $65.00

"1937 Nazi Party Congress Propaganda Card with cancel issued for the event. Card shows a statue in bas relief with an allegory of German workers holding up the a platform of symbols. This was the official logo of the event. Reverse shows special Nuremberg Pictorial Cancel with City Scape and Nazi Emblem.&nbsp; Hindenburg stamp, not Hilter.. Dated 9-9-1937, during the 8-day event. "

  1938 Nazi Party Congress PPC Combo
Price: $65.00

"1938 Nazi Party Congress Color Propaganda Card with stamp and cancel issued for the event. Card shows a medalion with an allegory of Germany bringing her people in other countries out of bondage (chains). Nazi banner in background. This was the official logo of the event. Reverse shows special Hitler stamp and event cancel. Use and cancel location may vary.&nbsp; No additional Hindenburg stamp as shown.<br>"

  1938 Nazi Party Congress PPC Eagle Combo
Price: $65.00

"1938 Nazi Party Congress, Reichsparteitag, Color Propaganda Card with stamp and cancel issued for the event. Card shows an Eagle and Swastika (Nazi Emblem) on a pedistal over greater germany (including part of Poland and Austria.) Reverse shows special Hitler stamp and Nuremberg City cancel showing city scape and Nazi Flags.&nbsp; It says, "Parteitag, Grossdeutchlands."&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>"

  1939 Nazi Party Congress Medalion PPC
Price: $19.50

"1939 Nazi Party Congress Color Propaganda Card with imprinted stamp issued for the event. The stamp only appears on this card. The card shows a medalion of "mother" Germany with a child and bounty of the land. Also with Swastika emblem. Artist initials "RK." Card reads, "Reichsparteitag Nurenberg, 2-11 September. Postmark on stamp. Card has small ink blot on upper right margin (not shown in scan). Otherwise excellent."

  1943 Day of NSDAP Generalgovernment
Price: $24.95

"Excellent card marking the anniversary of the NSDAP, Nazi Party in Poland under the Generalgovernment. Shows a German Soldier on the front lines carrying a wounded comrade. Combat art drawing shows detailed uniform and rifle. Card reads, "Nicht Du bist der Masstab! Sondern die Front?" Roughly translated, You are not the measure! But the front! Reverse has 24 + 76 groschen stamp issued for the event with a special cancel (sonderstempel). Card shows some light aging."

  1939 Danzig Ist Deutsch Campaign
Price: $19.50

"1939 Propaganda campaign PPC proclaiming "Danzig Ist Deutsch" Issued immediately following the German invasion of Poland to "protect rights of Germans living there."&nbsp; Used card with 6pf imprinted stamp.<br>"

  1938 German Art Day Propaganda Card
Price: $34.50

"1938 Day of German Art Propaganda Card issued for the Munich Art festival. Shows a classic bust with sculpted Nazi emblem. Card reads, "Tag Der Deutschen Kunst." Reverse has an imprinted Hindenburg 6pf stamp. Also with special cancel. Artist initials, "RK." Stamp used to mail card may vary."

  1939 Iron Cross w/Palm Medal PPC
Price: $45.00

"1939 Propaganda card showing the Iron Cross with Palm. This coveted medal was issued for extreme bravery. Note swastika attached to center. Card reads, "Es Kann Nur Einer Siegen Und Das Sind Wir," Adolph Hitler. (Only one can triumph, and that is us.) Reverse has imprinted 1939 Hitler birthday stamp with Special Potsdam event cancel. "

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